It has been 6 years now since the first binary options platforms for retail trading were rolled out. The question is: how confusing can it get, distinguishing between a genuine binary option platform / broker from scam artists claiming to be genuine brokers but won’t stop at nothing to deceive clients  and run them dry to the last penny , convincing them to invest in a non reliable platform. 

This is why many naive people (dealing with binary options) deserves to know the advantages,disadvantages and any form of circumstances that comes along with binary trading in all ramifications . 

The catch, how you know you dealing with a scammer and not a genuine broker 

- They always offer an unbelievably too Good to be true trade offer of helping clients multiply their stock / funds after a given time duration . 

- Also, dealing with an unregulated binary option comes with an 100% risk and loss 

- Outrageous profit promises from traders 

- Incompetency of broker.


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